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The volunteer program is divided into four levels which build upon one another, allowing volunteers to grow their skill set over time into specialized areas. All volunteers will begin in level one.


Level One Volunteer

Guest Services

Level One Volunteers will work alongside the Guest Service Team to ensure each guest has a positive, educational experience at DPMMR. Volunteers will assist with guest check-in, photographing guest interactions with dolphins, answering questions and delivering educational tours.  Volunteers in this area provide excellent customer-service and become ambassadors for marine mammal conservation.

Throughout their time as a level one volunteer, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the DPMMR Brand and Mission, allowing them to succeed in the next level of the volunteer program.


Level Two Volunteer

After advancing to a Level Two Volunteer, participants may select to volunteer in one of the following five areas:

Animal Care

Animal Care volunteers work alongside the Animal Care & Training Team to provide our resident dolphins with the highest level of care. Volunteers in this area assist with daily operations including cleaning and assisting with animal husbandry, thereby building a foundation for future work in the animal care department.


Development volunteers work to promote DPMMR’s mission and ensure the success of the organization by assisting with event planning, donor management, marketing content, and grant writing.

Dive Team

Dive Team Volunteers assist the team by performing weekly lagoon checks while on SCUBA. Volunteers in this area help ensure the lagoon is secure and safe from marine debris as well as help to maintain SCUBA equipment. Dive Team Volunteers must be Open Water SCUBA certified and have a minimum of 50 logged dives.

Facility Upkeep

Facility Upkeep Volunteers play an important role in ensuring DPMMR facilities are maintained and functional. Participants in this area can expect to assist with day-to-day projects such as lawn care and general maintenance as well as special projects including construction, painting, and facility repairs. Projects are assigned based on the volunteer’s skill level and comfortability.

Guest Services

Building on skills learned in Level One, Level Two Guest Service Volunteers learn to assist with additional areas of need for the Guest Services team including gift shop inventory and restock, as well as assisting with bookings.


Level Three Volunteer

Participants who complete all requirements in Level Two will advance to Level Three where they can advance their skills further within Animal Care or as a part of the DPMMR Rescue Team.

Animal Care

Building on skills learned during Level Two, Level Three Animal Care Volunteers learn to assist with more of the day-to-day tasks of caring for our resident dolphins including preparing for training sessions and learning to prepare the daily diets for all of the animals.

Rescue Team

DPMMR’s rescue team is ready-to-respond to any whale or dolphin emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the training received during Level One and Two, volunteers in this area complete specialized training to learn how to respond to marine mammals in need. Stranding events are sporadic and therefore require volunteers to be committed and willing to respond at all hours of the day.


Level Four Volunteer

Level Four Volunteers demonstrate a strong commitment to DPMMR and Marine Mammal Conservation. Level Four was created to further growth with our Animal Care Team.

Animal Care

Level Four Animal Care Volunteers learn advanced animal care techniques including cleaning husbandry equipment and teaching marine mammal care labs.

How to Apply to Become a Volunteer

Volunteer applicants are required to follow these two steps. Please come back to this page and complete Step 2 or your application cannot be processed.

STEP 1: Download and complete application, email or mail application to:

EMAIL: [email protected]
MAIL: Attention: Volunteer Coordinators, 31 Corrine Place, Key Largo, FL 33037


STEP 2: Please submit the $20 application online to begin the review process:


Once the completed application and payment are received, our volunteer coordinator will review and process the application. From there, applicants will be contacted via email regarding the status of their application. Volunteer positions are limited with each department and are filled as vacancies occur. Volunteer applications will still be processed as they are received regardless of open positions and will remain on file for 365 days from the processing date should a vacancy occur. Once accepted to the program, volunteers will receive more information from the volunteer coordinator regarding orientation, training, and scheduling.

Thanks and we look forward to having you help our mission!

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