Dolphin Blood Draw

Caring for Dolphins Tour 

Join one of our dedicated Animal Care specialist for a behind-the-scenes look at our Animal Care facilities. During this 30-minute walking tour, you'll visit our diet preparation area, veterinary lab, dolphin toy-bin, and more as your guide shares with you how we care for our resident animals. You'll have the opportunity to see and touch the fish that we feed the dolphins, to learn how we teach the animals to participate in their own healthcare, to choose what enrichment we offer the dolphins for the day, and of course observe the resident animals. Before the end of your tour, you'll have all of your questions about how we care for our dolphins answered and the opportunity to ask your guide about any questions you might still be wondering about. If you've ever wondered how we care for our dolphins or are just looking for a fun way to support animal welfare, this tour is a great option while visiting DPMMR. 

Offered Daily: 11:15 & 4:15 

Price: $20, Includes Full Day Admission to DPMMR 

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Rescue of Dolphin

Backlot Rescue Tour -

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of rescuing a sick or injured dolphin, but it's a feeling our marine mammal responders live for. Now - thanks to our Backlot Rescue Tour - you too can experience the excitement and joy of responding to a "stranded" dolphin. 

Your tour guide will take you behind the scenes of what a working rehabilitation hospital is like, showcasing the many different elements of our stranding program. During this 45-minute walking experience, you'll visit an animal necrospy lab to learn about the research we conduct when an animal strands, tour our marine mammal ambulance, and see the facilities required to provide long-term rehabilitation to sick & injured whales & dolphins. During your experience, you'll learn first-hand what to do if you ever encounter a marine mammal that needs help as you work with your tour guide to "rescue" a model dolphin calf. 

To culminate this exhilarating experience, you'll see our resident bottlenose dolphins up close and learn about how your participation in the tour is helping us rescue real whales & dolphins in need. 

Offered Daily (Starting in June): 9:00, 11:15, 4:15

Cost: $25, Includes Full Day Admission to DPMMR 

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