Manatee Rescued


May 02, 2020

While the Florida Keys remain closed to visitors during the coronavirus crisis, the area’s many nature and wildlife rehabilitation centers continue caring for rescued wildlife and helping animals in need.

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Entangled Dolphin


April 22, 2020

Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder (DPMMR) freed a bottlenose dolphin entangled in a crab pot buoy-line off Long Key. Aided by FWC, the DPMMR team successfully removed all the gear from the 7-foot male dolphin that was fighting for his life. 


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$54k Is Being Offered To Encourage Tipsters To Help Investigators Of Dolphin Killings In Florida

March 03, 2020 

Pictures of dolphin killed in the state made a lot of people in Southwest Florida upset. It’s caused many community members to make donations to the increasing reward to help find a dolphin killer.


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Connect To Protect Gala Features DPMMR Connect to Protect Gala

February 26, 2020

DPMMR was featured recently in a article titled "Event may be just the ticket to dolphin rehab"


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Manatee Rescued

DPMMR contributes to rescue an injured mother Manatee and her nursing calf

February, 26, 2020 

DPMMR contributed to another multi-agency effort to successfully rescue an injured mother Manatee and her nursing calf in Key Largo today. The mothers pectoral flippers were severely entangled in  fishing net gear making it difficult for the baby to nurse, and could eventually kill the mom. While DPMMR holds the NMFS federal permit to rescue Keys dolphins and whales, it is the Dolphin Research Center and FWC who take lead on manatee rescues. But regardless of who holds the permits when either Manatee’s or Dolphins are at risk we all work together for a successful outcome. Both mother and calf will be transported by DRC to the Miami Seaquarium where they will receive expert care and a return trip ticket to be released in the same area where they were rescued once the mothers injuries have healed. It takes a village!


Left pectoral flipper... Please keep our oceans clean and dispose of your fishing gear and garbage in proper receptacles.