Research and education are at the cornerstone of all programs at DPMMR.

Dolphin Plus Marine Mammal Responder has partnered with the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science – one of the world’s leading academic oceanographic and atmospheric research institutions – to offer two courses on-site focused on marine mammal behavior/care and marine mammal research. DPMMR and UM/RSMAS share a vision to enhance the scientific understanding of marine ecology and marine mammal biology.

One of the classes, entitled Marine Mammal Applied Behavior Analysis and Managed Care (MBE 507/607), is a semester-long course offered in the spring through UM/RSMAS for undergraduate and graduate students, taught by Nancy J. Cooper, M.P.S./President of DPMMR. The second class is a ten-day intensive class, entitled Marine Mammal Research Techniques, taught by DPMMR's Assistant Director of Research, Holli Eskelinen, PhD.

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DPMMR is honored to collaborate with the University of Miami and RSMAS.

Both courses are part of the UM students’ field experience and enhance the Marine Mammal Science degree track at UM/RSMAS. DPMMR and UM/RSMAS seek to teach the latest advances in the care, conservation, and research of marine mammals and our marine environment. We are working together to develop a greater understanding of marine mammal biology, behavior, and physiology which will provide valuable information to the scientific community, which allows scientists to achieve a greater understanding of wild marine mammals. This work also impacts the diagnostic and assessment tools and techniques to improve dolphin care.


UM RSMAS Class at DPMMR Key Largo