Interact and Impact

An opportunity to learn all about marine mammals in the Florida Keys

We are always searching for new ways to learn more about our marine mammal friends. In this way, we can ensure that our dolphins, and dolphins out in the wild, thrive and live happy, healthy lives. Explore all of the educational classes offered at Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder:

Anatomy and Physiology

Learning objectives for the course are to provide students with a broad overview of marine mammals (classification, evolution and taxonomy, anatomy, distribution).

Animal Cognition

Students will gain a theoretical and working knowledge of the applied field of marine mammal cognition, focusing on topics such as learning, communication, memory, concept formation, perceptual abilities, and vocal learning.

Animal Behavior and Training Game

Following a lecture on training various behavioral principles, students will participate in an activity with their peers that highlight basic behavioral principles (e.g., schedules and application of reinforcement, bridging, shaping).

Animal Training I

A theoretical, psychology based lecture series on behavioral principles and procedures used in animal training.

Animal Training II

Students (who have already taken Animal Training I) will learn advanced behavioral principles involved in behavioral management (schedules of reinforcement, differential reinforcement, shaping, capturing, fading, and more).

Conservation and Policy

Students will be exposed to all aspects of general procedures, current exploitations of marine mammals, politics of human/marine mammal interactions, as well as law and regulations that affect conservation and policy.

Coral Reef Ecology (optional add on: snorkel trip)

This course gives an overview of anatomy and physiology affiliated with coral reefs, as well as reef distribution, ecological processes, and deterioration of the this vital ecosystem, with the purpose of promoting environmental stewardship.

Dolphin Identification

Experiential learning exercise focusing on advancing skills involved with identifying individual animals.

Environmental Enrichment

Learn how our animal care professionals further stimulate the animals mentally and physically by the addition of supplemental stimuli to their environment.

Florida Keys Conservation

This course will discuss the unique ecosystem of the Florida Keys, concentrating on local flora and fauna and how we as individual can serve as ambassadors while enjoying what the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary has to provide.

Introduction to Marine Mammals

This course provides an overview of the taxonomy, evolution and natural history of the major orders of marine mammals.

Introduction to Manatees

Learn about the genus and species of the manatee, as well as the distribution, unique characteristics, biology, ecology, and conservation of this incredible species.

Mangrove Ecology

This course focuses on the unique and biocomplexity of the mangrove ecosystems of the world.

Marine Mammal Acoustics

Combine the theoretical instruction with experiential learning exercises to give students and better understanding of marine mammal bioacoustics technologies and methods.

Marine Mammal Care Lab

Gain a basic understanding how animal care professional provide daily care for our marine mammal population from diet preparation to important clinical care.

Marine Mammal Behavior

The focus of this course is on empirical and scientific research methods (qualitative and quantitative) of behavior.

Marine Mammal Research and Evaluation

Students will gain an understanding of the causes, functions,development and evolution of behavior, while being mindful of internal and external factors that influence behavior, and adhering to the scientific process.

Reproduction and Maternity

The course focuses on maturation, reproductive strategies, gestation and interbirth intervals, as well as the birthing process and postpartum behaviors.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Course objectives and focus included extensive exploration of policies and best practices in regards to marine mammal strandings, response, rehabilitation, and release.

Squid Dissection

This hands-on class delves into squid anatomy both in discussion, diagram, and with a hands on dissection lab.

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