Support a Dolphin!

Support a Dolphin!

Every penny you give to DPMMR is used to support our resident Atlantic bottlenose ambassadors as well as rescue and rehabilitate injured or stranded marine mammals. Your donation will directly save lives.

  • Dolphin Friend – $20
    Receive our heartfelt thanks via email using our Donation Received Letter
  • Dolphin Supporter – $50
    Receive Printed Donation Received Letter
    Receive an 8x10 photo of your dolphin
    Receive Adoption Certificate
  • Dolphin Advocate – $100
    Receive Printed Donation Received Letter
    Receive an 8x10 photo of your dolphin
    Receive Adoption Certificate
    Free Caring for Dolphins Demo for 2 guests
  • Dolphin Naturalist – $1,000
    Receive Printed Donation Received Letter
    Receive 8x10 photo of your dolphin
    Receive Adoption Certificate
    Free Behind-the-scenes Tour with program
    Snorkel Program for 2 Guests
  • Dolphin Conservationist – $5,000
    Receive Printed Donation Received Letter
    Receive 8x10 photo of your dolphin
    Receive Adoption Certificate
    Free Behind-the-scenes Tour with program
    Free Connect to Protect program with photo package for 2 people

Support A Dolphin

If you prefer to donate your own custom amount, please click below.


Baby Dolphin Nursing

Help us build a Marine Mammal Hospital in Key Largo

DPMMR is located in Key Largo, FL, and is a not-for-profit organization 501(c)3 that leads and operates the ONLY whale and dolphin rescue organization covering 10,000 square miles of marine habitat in the Florida Keys.

DPMMR is also the home of seven Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and their mission is to connect thousands of environmental stewards to our ambassador dolphins so that they can learn to protect their wild counter parts. DPMMR does this via educational programs, promoting understanding of marine mammals through scientific investigation, and to provide excellent animal husbandry and preventive medical care. Animal Necessity and DPMMR’s longitudinal nutritional and supplement research provides leading edge information, allowing for better care for their con-specifics that strand from the wild. 

DPMMR is the only rescue organization for whales and Dolphins in the Florida keys.  DPMMR is seeking to purchase a waterfront property in Key Largo that will be transformed into a long term rehabilitation center. Currently, the Florida Keys lacks this vital long term rehabilitation facility,  and animals are dying as a result. 

We need to raise one million dollars AS SOON AS POSSIBLE  to acquire this unique property.  DPMMR has researched and identified a waterfront parcel that meets all of our criteria for long term rehabilitation as well as a permanent home for non-releasable marine mammals, that need permanent managed care.  Once the property is secured, DPMMR will initiate a capital campaign to build a teaching hospital.   Researchers, veterinarians, and students from all over the world will have an opportunity to learn, engage, and become the next generation to protect our endangered marine environment. Connecting more people means protecting more marine mammals, and with you on board we will do just that!  We will “Connect to Protect”. 

The time is now, let’s accomplish this positive goal. Please donate today.   Any amount will help, and we sincerely thank you for your donation.


Corporate Sponsorships at Dolphins Plus MMR

Share our vision of a healthy ocean for marine mammals and humans alike.

Corporate sponsorships at Dolphins Plus MMR are designed to be mutually beneficial and impactful to our shared goals for sea mammal and ocean conservation for future generations.  Through powerful daily interactions with the general public, Dolphins Plus MMR promotes a greater understanding of marine ecosystem science, marine mammal conservation, and environmental stewardship.  Partnering with Dolphins Plus MMR raises awareness and revenue for our resident dolphins and raises funds to rescue and rehabilitate injured or displaced marine mammals.

Corporate Sponsorship Levels:

Silver Level – $5,000

  • Two Large-format images of the dolphin suitable for framing
  • Promotional Video Loop of facility
  • 1 Thank You Email to our database announcing sponsorship
  • 4 Mentions on our Social Media Pages (Facebook and Instagram)

Gold Level – $7,500

  • Everything in Silver plus…
  • 2 additional Emails to our Database announcing sponsorship (can provide an offer to our audience) (Total of 3 Emails)
  • 2 VIP Swim Experiences (Total 2 Guests)
  • Sponsor logo on our website
  • Monthly social media mentions (1x a month for 6 months)
  • Logo on Gala Brochure

Platinum Level – $10,000

  • Everything in Gold and Silver plus...
  • 2 Additional Email sends including your offer and link back to your site
  • 2 Additional VIP Swim Experiences (Total 4 guests)
  • Sponsor logo on our website with link back to your site
  • Monthly Social Media Mentions (1x a month for 8 months)
  • Logo on Gala Brochure plus 1 Floor or 1 Table Banner (provided by corporation)
  • Sponsorships renew annually.


Donate Supplies and Toys

Donate Supplies and Toys

Freezers go on the fritz. Supplies run out. Enrichment toys wear down. Let’s just say our line of work isn't easy on the equipment. So, if you have anything to donate, we’d greatly appreciate it.

  • Make a dolphin’s day with an enrichment toy from our wishlist
  • Help us continue our research with this equipment
  • Other equipment we need:
    • Generators (40 amp or bigger) to operate freezer
    • Pick up truck
    • Multiple passenger van for dolphin transport (Ford Transit Cargo Van)
    • Industrial Ice Machines (Manitwoc - ice makers)
    • Computers (2 PC laptop and 2 desktop Macs) to enter dolphin data for health records and research
    • Tools (DeWalt Drill set battery operated)
    • Fencing

To find out more about donating supplies, please call us at (305) 453-4321.

Donate Your Time (Volunteer)

Donate Your Time (Volunteer)

Sometimes a good pair of hands is the best donation we can get. We encourage and appreciate anyone who wants to get involved. Volunteer and we'll put you to work.

  • Strandings
  • On-site marine mammal management assistance

Interested in volunteering? Learn how by going to our Volunteers page.

Swim With Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins!

A portion of every dolphin swim and interaction booked at DPMMR goes directly to our stranding rescue team for wild and injured whales and dolphins. Explore our most popular programs: 

  • Snorkel with Dolphins - Snorkel with dolphins!
  • Interactive Swim - A thrilling deepwater experience!
  • Splash and Wade - Great for the entire family!