How Will You Get Involved?

Choose from our educational swim with dolphin programs and help wild dolphin conservation


Pure Joy!

There is something "magical" about spending time with dolphins - they are charming and witty and so intelligent and fun, and the trainers at Dolphins Plus MMR make time spent with these particular animals all the more memorable. Read More on Tripadvisor.

Rai Singh K

Amazing Experience, All For A Good Cause

I bought my fiancé a one on one experience for her birthday, and we couldn't have been happier. I was thrilled just taking photos while she was working with the trainer and these brilliant mammals. Read More on Tripadvisor.


Interactive swim

This was truly the best experience!! Staff was beyond awesome and committed to making it great while still making the dolphins number one priority!! Read More on Tripadvisor.


What an amazing day!

I have no words to describe this experience. I am a professional diver and I thought just diving in Key largo was plenty to satisfy my "Ocean" obsession. Oh boy I was soooo wrong! Read More on Tripadvisor.

Dani O


Excellent very good experience and interaction with dolphins. A not for profit that is a first responder to rescue marine mammals throughout Florida. Read More on Tripadvisor.